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Spearheading the industry for solutions catering to client and team engagement requirements, WorkSpace Communications is the recognized innovator on business communications and collaboration.

WorkSpace Communications takes great pride in their extensive roster of technologies for unified communications and collaboration, customer service management, contact center experience, and other related services for multinational companies, midmarket businesses, large-scale enterprises, as well as government organizations across the globe.

Our unified communications solutions bring about cutting-edge collaboration between people and businesses, empowering them with the right information in the right context at the right time. WorkSpace Communications encourages functional engagement between customers, partners, employees, and departments, enabling competence and promptly addressing integral business challenges.

Flexible, secure, scalable, and reliable, WorkSpace Communications solutions reduces costs significantly and helps simplify all system management process by creating an optimized platform for the next-generation collaboration and engagement. The same solutions are readily available in various deployment models to ensure all clients (businesses, organizations, companies, etc.) are well provided for with their unified communication needs—all of which are fully supported by the robust portfolio of the professional and support services of WorkSpace Communications.

Why WorkSpace Communications Does It Better

WorkSpace Communications provides one virtual meeting space that has all the capabilities you will need for your professional collaboration and business communications with your teams.
Command an audience with your partners, clients, employees, and team with easy-to-create online communities that encourage interaction, opinion, cooperation, and idea sharing.
Whether it be chat, voice, or video that you need for efficiency in your business and organization, WorkSpace Communications enables you to effectively collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere as naturally when you are apart as when you are together.
Enable competence and proficiency by staying organized with instant and secure access to information and files that remain within context while all relevant content are kept together.

Work isn't someplace you go anymore. It's something you do,
wherever you are at the moment. Where is your WorkSpace now?


Bryan DiGiorgio
Chief Executive Officer

Bryan DiGiorgio is a 20-year veteran in customer management and business process outsourcing. He has extensive industry experience within the automotive, consumer services, financial services, retail and telecommunications sectors. Before founding WorkSpace Communications, he led notable client-side customer management organizations for OnStar, H&R Block, Vonage and Sprint.

During his career, DiGiorgio has managed global workforces, with upwards of 40,000 agents at a time. He has led customer management operations in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom, and has significant experience in emerging markets, such as India, the Philippines, Africa, Argentina and Mexico. Before managing customer experience on the client side, DiGiorgio launched a Business Processing start-up, increasing its revenues from $1.6M to $80M in six years.

Michael Haines
Chief Information Officer

A 24-year veteran in customer management technology, Haines has extensive industry experience within the telecommunications and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors. Before co-founding WorkSpace Communications, he led large client-side customer management technology organizations for various Sprint subsidiaries such as Sprint Long Distance, Sprint Wireless and Sprint TeleCenters.

During Haines' career, his leadership span has included global technology oversight of more than 145 call centers and 1,600 servers on multiple continents. He has led specialized operations such as Operator Services and Relay Services, generating more than $330 million in revenue. As CIO of Sprint TeleCenters, Haines led the expansion of that BPO start-up, growing revenues from $6M to $80M. He designed the internal technical architecture to support a shared, multi-client environment; and led the architecture, implementation and management of various routing and infrastructure solutions as a managed service for Global 2000 clients.

Kim Mills
VP Cloud Communications

Kim Mills joined the WorkSpace Communications team in 2010 with over 20 years of experience in telecommunications and contact center operations. In her current role as Vice President of Cloud Communications, Kim has the responsibility of leading WorkSpace Communications Helpdesk and Operations' Teams.

Her project management skills are critical to our processes, providing leadership, stakeholder communications and industry knowledge. This expertise guides our clients through the on-boarding and implementation phases of our products and services.

Her charismatic approach ensures that each client receives an individualized experience through ongoing support. Kim's previous positions as Director of Sales and Director of Support have had great influence on her success. Prior to her joining the WorkSpace team, Kim oversaw contact center operations for a successful BPO and served as National Project Manager for AT&T Wireless.

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