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Skype for Business:
Fuel Up Your Team's Success with the Power of Great Communication

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Skype for Business is your ultimate all-in-one unified communication platform.

Get everything you need for professional conversations and collaborations in one app. From audio and video calls to online sharing and meetings, Skype for Business empowers you with its streamlined integration with Office.

Skype for Business With Voice

Making for a credible and dependable unified communications platform, Skype for Business provides on-premises Enterprise Voice options that include the Enterprise Voice and the Call Via Work features.

The Enterprise Voice. For all your voice solution needs, the Enterprise Voice from Skype for Business is the complete software-powered VoIP solution that gives a rich set of integrated functions and an extensive array of features including team calling, Call Park, Group Call Pickup, Response Groups, and support for and Enhanced Emergency E9-1-1 among others.

The Call Via Work. Have your existing PBX phone systems readily integrated with your Skype for Business solution with Call Via Work. Call Via Work users—either within your business deployment or outside—can easily place a call to another user with the Skype for Business platform. Additionally, they can click in Skype for Business to join business conference meetings.

Be on top of every update and have efficient control of your business by having the power to connect with anyone, anywhere, and any time on any of your favorite devices. Whether it’s a product launch you're planning with your department or a strategic marketing agenda you're outlining with your stakeholders across the country, you should be able to easily connect with just about anybody that you need to do business with, with Skype for Business with Voice and its powerful features and tools.

With the gigantic database of accounts, information, and resources that you have to keep safe and protect from unwanted intrusions, Skype for Business with Voice ensures you that all communications are excellently guarded and protected by state-of-the-art authentication and encryption systems. With the integration on the Microsoft platform, all account information are remarkably synced across your Skype for Business profile.

Having been exclusively designed to ensure efficiency and flexibility, Skype for Business with Voice significantly helps you eliminate cost and complexity worries. This revolutionary all-in-one unified communication platform lets you work in collaboration with all current communications technology: PBX, video-conferencing, etc. By eliminating your need for supporting multiple services with an upgrade to its communications solutions, Skype for Business with Voice helps you increase operation savings and management and maintenance resources.

Skype for Business With Contact Center

Skype for Business understands modern-day businesses' demands for an exclusively focused solution to connect with the market, clients, and just about anybody else to be able to stand out from the competition—and as such adds enterprise-class contact center capabilities to its infrastructure.

The Enterprise Call Center for Skype for Business opens up all venues of communication for your partners, prospects, and customers, enabling them to reach you in several ways that will be most convenient for them. As an integrated part of the Skype for Business topology, it can readily use any existing Skype for Business architecture you currently have on your system, which translated to a simplified management and seamless implementation across multiple business environments.

The integration of Enterprise Call Center with your Skype for Business solution significantly helps your business network connect with the million other members of the international Skype community. Using any device—computer, TV, smartphone, and even game consoles—anyone with Skype can be reachable through call centers powered by the Enterprise Call Center. With these interactions being fully supported by an Enterprise Call Center-oriented environment, businesses are able to provide an optimized communications experience for their business partners, prospects, and customers.



Skype for Business with Call Center offers the flexibility for a hybrid solution to be deployed either as an on-premises solution or as a hosted solution in a PCI-compliant cloud in your business or organization.

Exceptional Added Value

Exceptional Added Value

Skype for Business with Call Center empowers your business with the capacity to customize your contact center productivity applications as well as your Interactive Voice Response menus, which will prove significantly beneficial for you and your customers and eventually helping you realize considerable cost reductions and efficiencies.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Get everyone in your team to efficiently handle calls, emails, instant messages, and different methods of communications using the same tools. With that seamless integration, Skype for Business with Call Center provides your customers an extensive array of options to pick from so that they may contact you through their preferred method that they feel most comfortable using—by email, by phone, or by a few clicks here and there on your website.

Contextual Interaction

Contextual Interaction

Skype for Business with Call Center assists your customers on how to reach you and your business with the most appropriate channel. It gives them the freedom to call your attention through a web chat, discuss a technical problem through a call, get a tutorial on how to navigate the site through a conference, or send out an application form for an upgrade through email. All information both parties need gets to them through the most practical channel, any type of which is fully supported by Skype for Business with Call Center.

Skype for Business SIP Trunking

Deploying SIP trunking with your Skype for Business solution is the smartest move your business should make to simplify your company's telecommunications architecture and prepare for the necessary upgrades for real-time communication with utmost efficiency.

This state-of-the-art innovation enables businesses to integrate their existing connections to the public switched telephone network or PSTN at a core site, as opposed to the obsolete method of time division multiplexing trunking that normally requires the acquisition of a different trunk for every branch site.

  • Get the competitive advantage. When a user has to pick between providers for business system solutions, and only one of which can readily integrate the SIP trunking function, making the choice will be a whole lot less difficult.
  • Value critical relationships. Whether it’s a partner, a prospect, or a customer, giving them a single point of contact for support, configuration, and function will be the most attractive and dependable proposition your business can offer.
  • Increase return of investments. As soon as the infrastructure has been established, the leads generated by the voice traffic will soon become a profitable addition to your business line, offsetting any expenditure needed for additional support systems.
  • Expand your market. SIP trunking is predicted to replace all terrestrial voice protocols and it will be most likely that the replacement would be significantly faster in Skype for Business sale UC environments than in any other platforms. And with this revolutionary innovation, expect your customers to demand solutions they can readily implement

Why SIP Trunking?

Improved Infrastructure ROI

Get the most out of your current IP platform when you integrate data and voice for all sites into one single network. Rid your system of the unnecessary inefficiencies that comes with the costly maintenance of multiple networks and encourage your system’s growth and innovation by freeing up some IT resources.

Top-Quality, Reliable Service

WorkSpace prides in its high-capacity, 100% fiber optic network powerfully bypasses any Internet congestion to ensure security and reliability like no other. Our exclusively outlined service level agreement makes for a dependable guarantee for the quality of service that we offer.

Unmatched Scalability

Make the necessary technical adjustments. Upgrade system capacity as necessary. Add features and tools with every business change encountered. You will not have any need for costly visits from technicians to when scaling up or down to support connection volume.

Business Stability and Continuity

Take advantage of our centralized monitoring and control system, disaster recovery planning infrastructure, and robust redundancy and failover capabilities that will help ensure business continuity.

Advancement-Ready System

Surely, there is no stopping the technological revolution of the future. Lay the foundation for your system’s advancement with SIP Trunking from WorkSpace Communications that will serve you nothing less than highly scalable and reliable IP voice telephony in the years to come.

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